How to Accept Loneliness?

I am 24, never had a girlfriend, sex or anything in my life.

I'm trying to accept loneliness...

-There are more boys than girls, so there won't be a girl for everyone.

-I am shy, introverted, actually not a jerk and a bit insecure at times. This makes me very unattractive to women, I can't change who I am, I don't really want to.

How else can I accept this, I try my best to get girls, but I will never be able to get one.

I wish I had someone to cuddle, take care of, laugh with, to love :(



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  • it depends on the type of girls u go after. there are quite a number of girls who loove your type. sometimes they appear in disguises that u may not be into. perhaps broaden your horizons.
    explore different ages, older women tend to get over the bad boy phase, ethnicities, cultures, race... etc. as for ur insecurities, a little bit is fine, but not too much. women dont like a guy they can step on or a guy who is percieved as "weak". Many women are insecure themselves ao they want a more secure counterpart to lean on. So work on those insecurities, not for others but particularly yourself. strive to be a better version of yourself. You will attract whom you reflect. Also mind the way you apraoch females. Different gurls like to be approached differently. learn as much as you can about females and what they like and dislike in men. Do your researchm sometimes love requires honework. some people have to work harder than otherss to find it. while some are gifted with it. Dont give up.

    • I just don't know where to meet them, I guess I talk to most my girls from Tinder...

      I feel insecure that girls have dated, Probably a bad boy, and now are ready for a real boyfriend... I feel used...

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  • well look at it like this. Learning to be alone is the best thing you can do for yourself. Solitude is freeing and can give you strength. However, if you are shy, then you got an issue. Obviously you are not introverted if you dont like being alone. your just a shy extrovert. You are going to have to go out and interact with people. start small. start really small. go to the gym and start lifting so you can feel more confident. But you must do the thing that you fear and it will step the fuck out the way.

    might I ask what you do for a living?

    • I'm a shy extrovert? :o

      How do I explain, I work in building maintenance of a plant. Fixing things, running things, I hate what I do, but I'm stuck but it pays well.

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    • My mom is sick I guess, My uncle and brother can't get their lifes together... They help out a bit.

    • Well your doing an honourable thing man. Only a real man can stand up for his family the way you are. As for your loneliness, I'm sure that comes from your lack of confidence. But you know right now that you got something a lot guys these don't seem to have. Use that man. Use that and keep crushing it in life.

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  • Am 31 and still the same as you...
    Still feeling bad?

    • Yes :( I'll be 31 one day

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    • She would cost tooooo much...

    • Yeah maybe $2000

  • More common than you think

    • What's more common than I think?

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