I don't know if I love him anymore?

Honestly we haven't been dating that long.. only maybe 2 months but we hooked up a lot prior to being in a relationship.

Im having trouble understanding my own feelings so I just need some second opinions

- sex feels like a chore... I really can't be bothered having sex with him yet I think about sex with other people

- he barley replies to my messages.. and when he does it's really blunt replies and we very rarely get a good conversation over text other than "how was work, good you?, it was okay, that's good"

- I kind of miss being single and being able to meet other people and talk to other boys

- his friends hate me which makes things awkward and my friends think he's kind of shady

- when we are together we never do anything special we just lie in bed and cuddle and he puts a movie on and it gets a little repetitive but when I say let's do something else he says "there's nothing to do"

I know that's not a lot of detail but it's hard to put into words like I do LOVE him he's a great person, he wouldn't say a bad word about anyone but I just feel like our relationship is kind of boring and lacks chemistry... and since it's still early days I don't know if I should end it before it gets serious or wait and see what else happens?

also what would I say to bring this up with him? He's so kind I don't want to hurt his feelings


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  • Talk to him


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