What does a guy mean when he says he'll prove he does not like to hurt you (emotionally) and then stops talking to you?

that hurts even more!


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  • It means that he's all talk and no bite. In other words he doesn't do what he promises. Now it depends on the duration of him not talking to you. But of you never bothered to expain to gim why you feel hurt (such as him not communicating with you enough) then he won't know what to do. What is so bad about him not speaking to you? I mean, are you the type of person that needs constant communication because you get emotional fulfillment from it? If yes, and he knows this, and it's been happening for a long time then you just need to say that you had enough and let him go.

    • well actually we had an argument about his feelings for me and he told me he likes me but he got mad I even brought it up then I told him he loves to hurt me and he said I can prove I dont

    • Then that is why he's not talking to you right now, because he needs to calm down and de-stress himself before it escalated into something he will regret. Give him the space he needs. When he's ready to talk he will talk to you and reach out. Men overall cannot handle emotionally charged arguments. They have to have time to think rationally so that they answer you directly.

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