Should I be at all worried or am I thinking too far into his shyness?

I recently started dating a guy. We used to be at the same school but I never spoke to him until a mutual friend's birthday party. We've been seeing each other for a month and a bit, and have been on one official date, but have also been to a party or together.

I would love to have a relationship with him; we share quite a few interests, he's good looking, and I can easily see myself adoring him. He's so cute and considerate, and what's better his friends think he and I are a good match and are happy that I've brought him out of his shell a bit already.

Problem is, he's also extremely shy. I'm his first proper girlfriend, his first kiss, even! It also means he's veryyy bad at responding to messages. I want to see more of him, so I asked if he wanted to make more plans.

Its been a week and a half since he last messaged me, and I've sent him two texts in that time to no effect. I don't want to be clingy and scare him off. According to his friends you're lucky to get a message back in a month! But he's also never taken this long with me before.

At the last party we went to his worst nightmare occurred: we made out in public! Well, not really his worst nightmare, but something that he'd be uncomfortable with usually.

I'm just worried that I'm being too intense, but also don't want to be with a guy that leaves me hanging, no matter how nice he is. I'm always the one initiating, making the move (which he responds to, but I also fear he just doesn't wanna be rude and refuse me). I wouldn't mind, but it feels like I'm the only one investing right now.

I've no idea how to properly approach a super shy guy!!!


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  • Could be both


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