Thinking about getting adult braces?

I am thinking about finally getting braces to improve my teeth. I am a little late to the party. Is it going to look weird to affect my ability to date (or lack thereof... 😂) in the meantime?


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  • I need to get some as well but I have to save up money. If you want to get them, get them. There's nothing wrong with wanting straighter and a nice smile. I have an open bite that started developing in my teen years and I am saving up money now to get braces. If you want braces, get them plenty of adults get braces.

    • Do you think people care much about perfect teeth? I definitely feel a bit insecure about mine.

  • Go for it

    • It's not going to be weird? I guess I would just look a little weirder than usual for a while until everything is perfect! xD

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