How much do you need to know about your crush before you approach him/her?


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  • If they are hot I won't have to know anything. If they're not attractive I will have to know that they have a good personality.

  • I've never approached someone I wasn't friends with. But if I did, the bare minimum would have to be 1) are they single, 2) they're very friendly/not going to be an @ss to me, and 3) they meet my standards of intelligence (which are very high).

    But the reason I've only approached friends is because I had clues/a good feeling they were interested in me (and, obviously, the other three were already there). So, I guess you could say that is #4, not friendship but just that this person is showing signs they return my interest.

  • When you approach your crush, it's always to find out more about that person, so it could vary greatly


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