Dating a guy with clinical depression? What do I do?

I'm dating a guy with clinical depression. He pushes me away, doesn't want to see me and doesn't really text me. I try to help but he doesn't even wanna talk so I don't know what to do and I feel like somethings wrong with me that he's distancing. When a guy gets depressed does he act this way? If so, what should I do? I'm frustrated :(


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  • Give him some time. There is definitely a reason, whether it involves you or not. The biggest thing you don't want to do is badger him, especially if it is something regarding you.

    Each guy and each situation is different. He might be afraid to speak his own feelings because he is worried about rejection, belittlement, losing you, or something else. He might also be worried that showing feelings or admitting some other problem is weakness and that you would think less of him. There's also the old saying: if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything.

    The last time you had contact with him, did you say something that could have been construed the wrong way? Maybe joked about something, but he took it seriously? Maybe he has issues at work? Maybe he is having problems with an ex and he doesn't want you to become involved?

    There could be a lot of potential reasons. Right now, just let him be. There's nothing else you can do.


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  • Give him space and no matter what DO NOT push him to open up to you when he's depressed. It will just make him distance himself. Just tell him you are here for him and to ask if he needs ANYTHING and if he opens up to you LISTEN and be supportive, don't give advice, just listen. Use phrases like "Aww I'm so sorry" or "That must be really hard" or "I'm sorry you're struggling and feeling down".

  • I don't think he should be in a relationship. It's not your job to fix him or make him feel better.


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