Does this guy like me or not?

So I've been talking to this guy on and off for a few years now and well he said he's attracted to me and I told him I am too and a few days ago I went over to his place and he was so sweet and stuff right when I came over he hugged me and took my jacker and hanged it and we sat down and talked and while we were talking he asked why I didn't have a boyfriend and I said I didn't want one and I asked him why and he said its because he's been hurt in the past and after that I was really cold and he noticed and he gave me a sweater to borrow and we made out and one thing led to another we had sex but during that he said my mame a lot and kept asking if I was okay. Today I anonymously textrd him saying I like him and he wanted to know who it was but I told him "before I tell you do u like anyone" and he said he doesn't like anyone which means he doesn't like me right? So I guess that means he only wants me for sex? when i left his place he walked me to the elevator even tho I said he doesn't have to. He said get home safe would guys do that if he didn't like the girl


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  • I like you, the camera likes you, what's not to like? I'd say make a move if your interested. You don't have to wait on him. See if he really do share the same feelings as you.

    • Thanks haha and how can I do that?

    • Well being caring and genuine is the first step. Like what just did. Compliment and try to lighten the mood. Approach him and say hi and all that jazz. Then compliment him. Get interested in what do, say, how he feels. Try not to over think and try not guess what he's thinking. Guys can sense that like girls can sense confidence in a guy. Anyway ask if he is busy later to hang out some time. There you go. Getting to know his interest is getting know what type of guy your dealing with in the long run.

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  • I think maybe it too early to determine if he likes you. Maybe he needs to spend more time with you but then again sleeping with you is too early. If he's just sleeping with you for sex and doesn't feel anything then you might as well start dating other guys.

    • He could be one of those dudes that just wants to use women because "he's been hurt by them" psh

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