I hooked up with him... I want to hook up/ hang out with him... what now?

I hooked up with a guy from a party and we had sex. I think he's a great guy and would be down to hook up/ hang out. I genuinely would like to get to know him. But I don't want to appear too easy. How should I approach this.. Also I don't how to tell if he would be interested... Should I initiate?


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  • Text him and tell him you'd like to get to know him better.


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  • He won't know you want to get to know him better so you will have to initiate. Tell him you had fun last time you seen him and your interested in getting to know him. You should first casually text him online for a few days and see if he is keen (this can be for him; friends with benefits or genuinely interested like you). If you feel like he likes you, ask him out for a coffee or lunch. From there you have to show your value to him, what makes YOU so great that he will invest time into you. Tell him about your passions, hobbies, work and what you like to do on weekends. He may or may not be keen on your lifestyle but you have no control over that. Whatever happens will happen!

    Good luck! :)

    • Thank you! Im going on spring break in a few days so i kinda wanted to initiate sooner than later
      Also i have heard he's a shy guy so i dont know if he'll be receptive
      Thanks so much for your honest help 😀

    • Aww haha! If his shy then you sure definitely need to initiate! He will probably try and play it cool or feel awkward at first when you text him but try and divert the awkwardness!

      Your most welcome! :)

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