Have feelings for this guy for a few months now.. What should I do?

I’ve developed feelings for this guy over the past few months, since I first met him at school. Cliche aside, I've genuinely never met someone like him. He talks to a lot of people in our classes and in our major and he gets along great with them no problem. When he talks to me, sometimes he gets quiet and seems to run out of things to say. Then there are times where he's real upbeat and smiley. Due to the nature of our classes, we discuss our feelings a lot in class and he is very open to how he feels but never truly explains why he feels that way. It breaks my heart when he talks about how he is hurting and to see him so sad gets me so sad. I feel as though he won't always go up to me first, unless I happen to be right next to him or if I go up to him first. He doesn’t talk to me as much or as smooth as he does to others and it makes me think that he just doesn’t like me. He's very up and down and we are partners for a project in class and whenever we talk about working on it and looking forward to start working on it, he is always happy and excited about it. But once we meet up and work on it, he seems very chill and quiet. I ask him if he has any ideas about the project in an attempt to talk to him more but also to get some insight from him, and he says he hasn't thought about it and how we should just take it slow, and he tells me that he's not worried about the project. I honestly feel as though he likes talking to other people because he always has so much to ask and say and truly likes learning from and about other people. I just wish he was like that with me, and I feel like he acts a little weird and/or awkward with me and I don't know why. I don't feel or act weird with him but whenever he acts weird it makes me feel weird, like he just doesn't like me. Some friends say he might just be extra cautious with what he says to and around me and/or he finds it harder to talk to me than others because he could feel the same way about me.


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  • I've been through the same thing girl and it's simpler than you think. All you gotta do is talk to him and see if he's interested or not. If he is then great, you'll be off on to a new start and life will be good. And even if he isn't then at least you know whether or not to move on. Just talk to him, it will make your life a lot easier.

  • Weird... I asked a question that was really similar to yours... I guess he likes you or he's going through puberty...


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