I've never kissed a guy before?

guys, can you tell just by kissing a girl that its her first time? what exactly is a good or bad kisser ?


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  • Just relax... I just had my first kiss this month... and I was freaked out but it was weird at first and then just flowed... just follow his lead... :) Good Luck!

    • I agree... It's definitely weird at first but you really have to follow his lead and it will feel good. Don't over think it is the key.

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    • Youll be fine! : )

    • Lol okay thanx !

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  • kissing is a weird thing. you won't feel like its natural, and the boy will know it (unless its his first time too)

    but don't worry, you quickly pick it up, and the boy won't care if you are a bit clueless! how should he expect you to be automatically good at something on the first try? don't worry about it

  • Nope no way of knowing, unless you tell them...

    bad things, to wet, no much tongue straight up, slobering bad breath etc...


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