Guys, First date advice: What should I expect as far as physical affection during movie date? When does dating become being boyfriend and girlfriend?

I like this guy in my class and he likes me. We've hung out twice at his parents house (they were present). We work on homework, but mostly we talk, laugh and flirt. He can see I'm nervous and he has never tried to make an inappropriate move. We are very comfortable around each other. But going on a date in public to a movie feels different. I don't know how to act. I might feel awkward interacting in public, the same way we interact when it's just the two of us. What are some does and don'ts?

Thanks everyone for the great advice! Would going for a walk at the lake and having dinner together be a better idea?
What about going bowling and having dinner instead?


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  • For me public is easier than movie, especially if you can stroll and sit right next to each other. The mobility is nice since you can situate yourself right next to him and start getting affectionate.

    You can kind of tease and play if that's in your alley, like you might bump into him on purpose with your hip or poke and nudge him. Such playful activity can sometimes lead to something affectionate, like holding hands, as well as putting you at ease with each other.

    As for being girlfriend and boyfriend, that's typically something that involves some discussion and mutual agreement on your part. It's sort of when you agree to call each other that and decide to be in a relationship that you become rather "official". That could happen sooner or later depending on the couple.

    What I recommend is a dating setting, though ideally I give your guy this advice, that allows you to move around and get close to each other. Something like a movie or watching a performance is not such a good first date usually, since it deprives you of much mobility and also distracts you two from each other by having you watch something for a couple of hours.

    It's easier to pick something where you can move about. My personal favorite was always the amusement park, since riding on a scary rollercoaster can be a great icebreaker and get you both really comfortable with each other. Then, once you're comfortable, you might go for dinner or something.

    • Now, in my case, the quality I sought out in dates was playfulness and a great deal of laughter. That became the ingredient that allowed me to put ourselves at ease and also start to get really affectionate with a girl. It became the transition to bonding closely and moving to deeper subjects that connected us, and also connecting that with touch.

      It's also why I loved the amusement park (as well as other activities like ice skating). It was a good way to bring about that playfulness and laughter.

      Some people might be into a more serious kind of date. That might involve more discussion over a table, for example. That's kind of out of my realm since my dating style and the type of girls and dynamic I preferred was different.

  • OK you are nervous, yet you feel comfortable? It depends where you sit, basically the father you are away from other people the more open you are to doing things. kissing, touching, and flirting is all OK no matter what movie it is.


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