Does he not want to talk to me anymore?

I met my boyfriend on MeetMe about two months ago and we made it official between us when he told me he loved me a little over a month ago. Lately it seems like I can't get ahold of him and when I do it's barely a conversation or it's too late because he either had to go to work or he's fallen asleep.

He's told me that he waits for me to message him first because he's weary of messaging me first. But lately when I do and he doesn't answer, I get the impression that he doesn't want me anymore. Is this so? He's also told me that his service is what's causing him to either not get my messages, or for me to not get his after he's read them, but for some reason I'm not so sure. Is he ignoring me? This has been going on a few days now and I don't know what to do. And please don't bash me about the online dating fantasy thing


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  • sadly he's ignoring you
    if he truly wanna talk with you though he is busy, he can make a plan of what day, what time of the day you can both available to talk

  • Yeah he doesn't


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