Girls, Should, I Give Up Online Dating?

Im not attractive enough for girls on dating sites and my messages dont get any responses, even though, I read their profile and mention something specific about themselves in my messages. It isn't my profile or my photos that are issues as, I have had help with those. I just dont, think that online dating will work for me because too many girls on dating sites seem to be shallow and or too picky. I just think it would be best if, I quit online dating, what do you think?


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  • I feel similarly about online dating for myself. I think for some people it's harder than dating in person. I do think shallow things matter more online, whereas in person people are more likely to start liking you once they get to know you and will overlook stuff that matters to them online. So, online dating works better for people who are either good-looking or who can check off marks on silly checklists that a girl has, and in-person is better for people who are cool/have good personalities.

  • Should try websites where there isn't an option for showing your face. Like online forums (here), gaming, blogs etc. Ways to express your personality first then the looks. My friends mother met her second husband on an online gaming site and he moved from Spain to Australia just to be with her!

  • No, you shouldn't!
    I mean, if you like it, well go for it.
    Maybe at some point, you can find a girl right for you!
    Tinder is kinda cool 😁


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