It is weird but I see my dates mom in her so much and it is kind of off putting to see? How do I get used to it?

I recently started dating my old close freind. Needless to say living down the street from her. I know her mother pretty well. Recently I kind of started to notice her mother in her. How she acts sometimes, some time when she smiles, a gesture she will do. When we were freinds sometimes I'd tease her that she was so much like her mother. Now I kind of find it weird and when I see it I kind of hesitate a bit. Any advice?


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  • Do you like the mother?

    • As a person yes. It is my freinds mother so if your asking that I have some Froidain obession then no I don't want to bonk the mother. She is pretty don't get me wrong, and my date is beautiful. It is just kind of off putting seeing so much of her mother in her.

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    • Well they are not objections but hesitations. Before it I would just make a joke or tease her about it. Now I'm not sure what to do. I guess it is just part of going from a friend to a date. I'm still learning how to deal with some stuff. O also she has her mother's evil eye down perfectly lol I know that I made a mistake then. 😃

    • Aw crap I used my brother's account to reply sorry. But thanks for the chat it helped. Now I got that it is something that I don't know what to do with yet.

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  • just remind yourself that she's not her mom


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  • Uhhh hmmm well this isn't really advice and its really lame but i think itll pass mate i really do

    • So then why comment?

    • Well first off freedom of speech so ya anyways secondly some oeoole just need a positive note. Me saying that i honestly think itll pass might help, you never know. It might bring positivity in to the life of the asker and it may make it easier for them to overcome their problem

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