She seems interested/not interested sometime?

I lately asked a girl and she clearly refused on spot. She said we can be friends. Later we starting chatting (I started) and we used to chat everyday without fail. She never used to talk to me when people are around, she acts like she doesn't knows me in person and while chatting she only replies everytime. After few months of me asking her she said it to her friend who hates me for some unknown reason so I got angry on her and she said sorry. I used to make her realise that she is not a good friend to me as I'm to her. I wished her at 12:00 am exact on her birthday and brought her a gift and she never took it saying what will she reply at home so she said if u too don't need throw it away. She wished me at 3:00 pm on my birthday and brought no gift. She never started the conversation. As I speak indirectly to her that she isn't a good friend so she doesn't understand or pretend not understanding it. She says she is fed up of me now as I speak indirectly to her that she isn't a good friend. okay I apologize to her and asked her are there more of my mistakes. Then she said that I wasn't wrong and she is stupid (she said this) and now she isn't replying properly last 3 days. I said I want to talk to her can I call, she refused so I asked can we meet. She said meet me on the station where only few minutes we can talk. I said that few minutes are short. She said how much more do you want to talk and we never met. And since last 3 days im texting her but she isn't replying. So what should i do now?


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  • She doesn't want anythifng to do with you

    • But she said that let's be friends at the beginning. by the way yes I think the same

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