What is the measure of a man?

Question for the girls, what makes a man more or less of a man in your eyes, what separates attractive from not attractive?

What traits need to be there for you to have those feelings, whether it's sexual or that you want something serious with a guy?


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  • Ideal for me (of course not all are obligatory but that's what I like) :
    Taller than me.
    Stronger than me.
    Athletic body. Good posture.
    Nice hair, skin, smile, eyes.
    Smells good.
    Nice clothes.
    Self confident, brave, independent, intelligent, curious, honest, open-minded, has his own personality, opinions, and style.
    Caring but not overly attached.
    We have some things in common (like music, books, movies, some sports, passion for travelling, learning languages, or whatever) and we can actually talk and he is fun and I can learn something from him.
    Some kind of artist.
    Good kisser and good in bed.
    Likes to cuddle.
    Loves animals, especially cats.
    Vegetarian (never had a vegetarian boyfriend though :/ ) and has his coffee without sugar hahaha
    Makes me feel good.

    What makes him less attractive is:
    obviously opposite of what I stated above,
    too jealous, possessive, abusive or cruel to anyone or anything, selfish...


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