What does it mean if the guy still talks to you after making out?

Used to date a guy, we randomly made out the other day and then agreed, it was in the moment and that he was sorry, but he doesn't regret it as he went with the flow.

Thought he would avoid me, but in fact he is still talking to me and being flirty in texts... what does it mean? Does he have good feelings for me? Would he want to do it again? We are friends.


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  • making out is just like viewing property before you make a decision to purchase them. what makes you think you are the only one for him?

    • I know I'm not the only one as he said him making out with me, isn't going to stop him from seeing other girls until he settles down. But I know what his schedule is like, he is only free on weekends and he always wants to hang out with me on weekends and asking what are my plans. If we are 'just' friends, he doesn't need to hang with me every weekend and when I said being just friends means that's it, nothing more and that I'm friendzoning him. After hearing me say that, he proposed with 'we can continue dating if you want', which I thought was really weird because he was the one that didn't want to continue dating and be friends. This was before making out on the same night.

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    • He did say how he really enjoys my company and wants to stay in touch... so you are saying he is keeping me around till he figures out which girl he likes? He told me the reason why he stopped dating me was because he didn't want me to be tied to one corner with him because I am perfect and have all the qualities a guy wants.

    • Its appears that he is using a technique called "sweet-talking" on you; While bidding time to enjoy all the options. Unless you yourself are such player too, get a better man out on the market.

  • Do you have feelings for him?

    • I do and still do since he ended it last month, he said nothing more will happen... but I think he's lying because he stays in touch and wants to hang out every weekend.

    • It's obvious that he's falling again for you

What Girls Said 1

  • It means that he wants to make out with you again and/or he wants to escalate things. It doesn't necessarily mean he is in love with you or anything of such sorts though


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