Guys, How would a guy with trust issues act as a boyfriend?

Like if a guy has trust issues would he try to violate your privacy by asking to record you giving him head and post it online especially early on in the relationship like 7 months. So say he is insisting on filming you give him head and is convincing you it's okay that it goes online. Is this a common request for guys with trust issues?


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  • this has nothing to do w him not having trust and everything to do w him wanting to be an amateur pornstar. also if you don't want to record something like that, "no" should be the end of it. it's all kinds of creepy for him to try to manipulate you into doing that if you're uncomfortable

    • So if someone wanted to gain your trust they wouldn't start by insisting for that correct especially if any guy has trust issues. Also what if he switches from I like you to I love you just because I did the video is he lying?

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