What is the best combination of casual and serious?

I want to date casually sometimes. I enjoy the company and yes the sex if and when it happens. I met a girl online and I would like to pursue her seriously. She shows a bit of interest but not much more. Lives in another city. Have not met her in real life yet. My specific question is this: Is it ok to continue dating casually until I meet her face to face andI have a good idea if she would be interested in a serious, exclusive and committed relationship with me?

Please avoid commenting on long distance relationship. It would not be one.


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  • Yes, of course most people do that to begin with. They date casually when getting to know each other. You may not click with her in person so you dont want to tell her via phone that you two are in a relationship and when you see her have a change of heart. I learned my lesson with this a long time ago, never to rush so quickly with things via phone because you may not like the person you meet or you may find that they do not have that "it" factor that you are looking for.

  • It's not really dating if you don't do things in person. It's a pen pal


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