Guys do you feel irritated from your girlfriend when your love interest diverts to some other girl?

So if you have a girlfriend but you have been flirting a lot sexually with this female friend of yours and you're attracted to her, is it possible that you would have more fights with your gf? And you'll feel irritated by everything she does/says? Or you fake love to her so she doesn't doubt you? How do your feelings change towards your gf?


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  • first of all that is not love...
    so please do not use that word...
    love always stays between two people and that is rigid...

    flirting is not bad. but sexual is way to much... he is just using...
    and if a person fights with you and leave you in doubt then you should leave him...

    the things you are saying is correct...
    he is finding reason to leave you...

    make him your ex

    • Appreciate that man, thank you so much :)

    • welcome...
      first of all love is not what people. doing these days...😥
      well í hope you get a nice person😇...
      best of luck...😉

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  • I feel like there is a lot of information that hasn't been said.

    it sounds like the guy is trying to get out of the relationship but doesn't want to go

    • Yes the fear of hurting the girlfriend and what other reasons, i wonder 🤔

    • cut him loose and save the heart ache for both of you

    • Will do thank you mate :)

  • Well, I never had a girlfriend so I don't know whether I could answer your question properly but I guess that affection and love feeling got lost when he got more close to another female girl.
    You will notice that he will try to avoid you and spend time with someone else and not you or even might ignore your text who knows.
    I wish No one would ever cheat on their lover because it actually affects their future relationship and they might even lose faith in love.

  • If I'm flirting with another girl, then I wouldn't be ready for a relationship yet. Why would I flirt with another girl if I already had a girlfriend?


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