Honestly have no idea what to do anymore please help?

We have been dating for 3 years and are in college and are long distance (7 hour drive). We haven't seen each other in 2 months. Every March his fraternity has a formal dance (its like a drunk club party, not fancy long dresses). I went last year and he had a great time with me I'm positive. We have had no other problems since last year. Well now its two weeks away and I found out today that instead of even asking me to go he bought himself a ticket and planned to room with a friend. I'M BEYOND LIVID that he did not ask me to be his date. EVERY guy brings a girl. Its not like we just started talking we are 21 and have been together since we were 18. I am positive he's not cheating on me and taking another girl because I asked his friends girlfriend who told me he only got a ticket for himself. I'm upset that I wasn't invited I feel like I mean nothing to him. I don't know why he would not want to have me as his date, get drunk with me at a hotel but above all spend time with me. So we had a big fight and I explained how left out of his life i feel. I know long distance is hard but when he purposely doesn't invite me or make an effort to want me there it hurts so much. This was 3 days ago. Now here's the shocker after confessing everything and crying and saying how I want to spend time with him and do stuff he still has not yet INVITED ME and tomorrows the last day to buy tickets. What am I supposed to do? We haven't talked in over 24 hours. I just want him to want to be with me especially when now he's in a relationship and doesn't have a date. I covered all my bases and asked is it a financial problem (he works a lot) -nope, do i embarrass him- nope. What am I doing wrong? I'm fun, happy and care about him so much. What would you do?
When I hung up with him he was crying and telling me how much he loves me. I don't know if its the distance or what. But we were planning summer trips yet he can't plan something short term?
Forgot to add due to distance we see each other monthly when i see my family. But we have only actually slept together in a bed for 4 nights in 3 years! From that you can see we rarely get time alone to be together and do stuff so that also contributes to this. Since he talks about all things for us to do when we are alone yet he missed the opportunity


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  • Ouch... he really should have invited you if he wanted you to be there. And he should have invited you right after you told him how you felt about it.

    Is this a deal breaker for you? Would you be willing to walk away because of this?

    • I do think its a deal breaker because he should want to have me there. If this was my party I would only want to go with him. I'm not upset he's going alone its the fact that he didn't invite me or ask if could come that weekend. if I said I can't then he can decide to go or not I wouldn't care and would honestly want him to go to have fun. I did this last year where I have to beg to be invited to a date night function but if i'm his girlfriend then he should tell me "heres the plan i want you here let me know if you can come, i will pay for everything you just get a flight etc" I feel like my whole point of saying how I felt and communicating had no effect on anything.

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    • okay thank you!!!:)

    • I hope it works out for you. Looking forward to any update.

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  • He might not be cheating but he also is losing interest. Long distance is hard :(

    • I agree with and thats what I thought after but his words don't match that at all. He calls me and talks about future and I'm always there for him. I'm so confused.

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