Hooking up vs serious relationship with your best friends sister, is one worst than the other? ?

Ok so I have been dating my best friends younger half sister (same mom) for about 6 months now. She has recently decided that she wants to move out together. My best friend is still clearly mad at me about the whole thing, I thought that seeing as this is a serious relationship shouldn't he be happy? It's not like this was a hook up and I left or anything like that, am I wrong in assuming that the seriousness of it all would make this easier on him? He hasn't spoken to me in about 3 months at all.
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  • That's really dumb. If he's your friend than he should be fine with it. I think he's being a complete dick.


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What Girls Said 1

  • wow dude
    why is he angry about that? how old is your gf?

    • He's more just angry that it happened in the first place, his sister his 20 and I'm 25, he was never really close to his sister so I didn't really get why he'd be mad at all but I guess maybe he has a point? I don't even know anymore

    • lol maybe he's worried about what will happen if you two break up... maybe he doesn't want to lose his best friend...

What Guys Said 1

  • as per him , he didn't wanted you two to be together in first place. he's worried that he might lose a best friend and a sister if you two break up.

    don't worry about it. if you are serious, things will cool down when his sister will be happy with you. it is far better to be serious rather than hook up in this case.

    just make sure that his sister (and your girlfriend ) Is happy with you. because, you will lose a best friend too if you lose your girlfriend.

    good luck Bro.


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