I cursed in front of my crush and I feel so embarrassed. How can I make up for it?

We discussed some not personal topic (it was kinda work related) and I said "he better won't hit the nettle with my cock" (it's a sort of regular saying here meaning to put someone else through something bad or putting someone else in a bad situation instead of going through it by yourself) to which she said "that wasn't nice". I'm not trying to make excuses up for myself but I had a rough day at work and I didn't mean to disrespect her whatsoever.

She knows that I like her and she rejected me when I asked her out. I feel so ashamed though... How can I makeup for it? Does she think I'm a rude guy who doesn't even care anymore?


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  • Well, you have to learn to watch what you say, even when you aren't feeling good.

    Anyway, just own it. Bring it up to her and say "remember the other day when I said blah blah blah? That was pretty low of me, and That really isn't how I want to conduct myself. If you ever catch me being negative like that, mind giving me a nudge so I can correct myself?"

    Just show humility and reflection and desire to improve.


What Guys Said 1

  • Lol, you are such a pussy. You cursed, so what? She doesn't like you still.


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