Should I message this girl on Tinder?

So i haven't been having much luck on tinder. I would get matched with girls but each time i message them, they would never reply. I feel like girls use it as an ego boost. After not matching with anyone else for a while, i finally matched with a girl who i have 5 mutual friends with. And i know all of them pretty well. I feel like saying hi but again, she's really cute and i feel like she may just have swiped right on me because she was swiping right on every guy, and she really isn't interested.


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  • I was looking for a relationship online because i have a limited social circle consisted of all married people, or couples. Tinder, OKC, POF, Bumble, CMB... all even if I said hi first, they talk to me, but they just directly said they want to fuck, not commit. So I decided to not talk to anyone, because it was tiring. So I dont use it for ego boost, as I dont need that kind of child games. But anyways, to come to your question, I think you should say hi to her, and if she says hi back, then you can mention that it is interesting you never met but you have a lot of friends in common. Also, make sure the common friends are not your foes who can introduce you badly to her if she asks.

  • What do you have to lose? Go for it


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