What does he mean by what I think of him and does he like me?

So basically there is this guy at work who used to have a girlfriend a year ago back in April which is when I first started my job and yes he works with me thing is I guess he now likes me I just started to notice this because 2 weeks before Christmas he was acting strange such as he was staring me a lot and genuinely just massaging my shoulders and touching my back but keeping it all casual at the same time. Anyways I was on a recent shift with him and he pretty much would either frustrate me or just stare at me a lot when my mate was on her break he asked her to ask me what I think of him she didn't wanna get involved so she tried to get him to ask me but he was more on the side of her asking me so I didn't really know what to respond as i'm a shy girl anyways he's been trying to convince me that he dosnt have a girlfriend like at first everyone thought it was a joke till we all found out that he genuienly means it I do not know why I find it hard to belive him but yer he asked me how can he prove that he is single hmm we've been friends for almost a year now and we have this relationship where we banter a lot with each other

My question is I am just curious to know does he like me and what he meant by what I think of him

oh and another thing my co workers well one of them knows he likes me because he told him face to face that he is quiet keen and yet when my co worker bough that up to him he just didn't say anything to that and tried to change subjects please help me.


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  • If he is insisting so much that he is not dating anyone and if he constantly finds excuses to touch you by massaging your shoulders and touching your back, it probably means he is into you.


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