Girls, Should I give up on finding love?

For starters I have social anxiety so as you could imagine it's difficult for me to talk to girls and just people in general. This has lead me to have very few friends over the years and has made me feel like an outcast. As a result I felt like I was never good enough for anyone to love. Eventually my feelings of inferiority had developed into a full blown hatred of myself (which for sake of time I won't be going into at the moment). Now at 19 years old I've never had a girlfriend and the girls I have met were either already in a relationship or didn't want anything to do with me. At what point should I just call it quits?


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  • I'm in the exact same boat as you 😂 I've pretty much given up lol but it's a mental thing sometimes. if you call it quts right now you'll probably have a negative outlook on future relationships but bring hopeful for a while longer might make a difference!

    • You know you're probably right I shouldn't think this way but It is difficult for me not to think like that from time to time. Well at least us lonely people have each other right?

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