Did it change anything?

so I just went on a date and I REALLY like this guy. we kissed on the first date. but honestly its 2010 does that rule even exist anymore? anyways, do you think he views me differently?


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  • He kissed you = he likes you.

    The action speaks for itself.

    Don't make it a big deal though, if you think he wants to get married, then SLOW DOWN lol.

    No, that rule is bullsh*t. In the dating/relationship scene, there are no rules. Calling a girl 2-3 days after meeting her, to not look desperate, is bullcrap. I'll text her the next day just to talk if I feel like it. Or in 5 days if I'm super busy (of course I'll have to remind her of who I am though).


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  • HA, unless he's crazy religious or something you're probably fine. People put out on the first date, and it means nothing sometimes.

    • Yea that's exactly what I was thinking. I mean I was a saint compared to some chicks. he's just ahhmazingg lol. thanks!