Seeing each other for a few weeks, is it just sex or something more?

I had a crush on this guy (both in our mid 20s) for a while and recently we started hanging out. We got physical pretty early and I've been staying over at his place almost every night for about 3 weeks now and we have supper together, watch movies etc. We've hung out in public but he's never asked me on a "real" date. His best friend knows about us and is super nice to me. People are also starting to notice that we're getting close. I feel like it's more than just sex but a friend of mine warned me that he is a player so I'm a little on edge. What do you guys think? What might be going through a guys mind in this situation? I'd ask him but I don't wanna scare him away!


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  • Why would asking him scare him? Do you really think you're so powerful that one question will make someone want to run and hide and cut themselves?

    • I just don't want to bring up the "what are we" talk too early and freak him out. I've had guys disappear in the past and I don't wanna screw this one up. I really like him.

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    • Not afraid, he just may not be thinking about that yet and may not know how to answer. And I'm not generalizing about guys, it works both ways. There are things a person can bring up too early that make the other person uncomfortable. It's not cut and dry obviously, I was just looking for opinions on what his behaviour might mean, before I outright ask him. I appreciate your bluntness, but do not call me dumb for trying to figure out the right move for my situation.

    • You're totally wrong. Why don't you never speak and see how that works for you? Just ask and get it over with. If he leaves then you got your answer. You were nothing but someone to fuck

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