Girls, How should I message this girl?

She goes to my university, in the same program, she's not in any of my classes but I know her name through a guy friend of mine (my guy friend does not know her). If I message her on Facebook what is the best approach?

I do NOT want to seem like im hitting on her because then it seems obvious.


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  • Why would you want to message her on facebook instead of approaching her face to face? Many people do not respond to facebook messages, especially when strangers message them. So OP, unless you are ridiculously handsome, do not bother messaging her.

    • I thought girls always predicated on a guy does not have to be a 10/10 hunk? Isn't facebook meant to interact with others, I don't know her classes and my university is the size of like 10 football fields.

    • That is not true, women are attracted to attractive people as well. I don't know how you were under the impression that girls are not into handsome dudes.
      Also, most people use facebook as a means to interact with their families and friends. You can try it, but it would be safer if you actually approached her.

    • Forget it, I will message her on Facebook. It's not a big deal, it's not like im breaking the law. When I am at school, Im there to study and go to class, not to pick up chicks. Besides, it's less awkward if she's not interested in person.

      FYI - I am not going to say I am a good looking guy because everyone has a different view of what they find beautiful. I've seen pretty girls with ugly guys, that is just your opinion.

  • hmm, sounds like a shy guy. well, if that works for you... just text her telling who you are so she won't find it creepy... make up an excuse to start a conversation and if thing goes well, tell her the truth that you really wanted to get to know her... girls love getting attention but not too much... don't be creepy when saying that tho


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