Guys, if a girl tells you she knows that you are nervous around her and she doesn't mind.. would that make you more nervous?

This guy @ church has been giving me hints he likes me. We did a duet once & he said we could use microphones on opposite sides of the church & gaze into each other's eyes. He had a funny look on his face when he said it. He's complimented me a lot either on my singing or my clothes. Sometimes when he's talking to me he can't look me in the eyes & starts looking around or he just looks @ the floor. I caught him staring & not looking away. I gave him a Christmas card w/my number in it. He didn't call. He gave the excuse he zoned out & kept apologizing. He looked embarrassed. I told him it didn't bother me. He was looking at the floor & then looked up & said well that's good. He was staring one Sunday night in February.. when the preacher was preaching. I saw out of the corner of my eye. He was behind me coming out of the sanctuary. I turn around & he is staring with his mouth open. During the conversation he asked if I was busy. I said no not really I just crochet. He wanted to know all about my crochet but didn't make a move. I added him on fb Feb12th. He accepted but didn't chat. He sat by me in Sunday School another day.. kept moving around like he couldn't get comfortable... crossing & uncrossing his legs.. straightened his jacket.. brushed his jacket off.. ran a hand through his hair..@ one point he was breathing a little deeper. He went to a wedding this past weekend in another state. I told him this in fb chat:Hi! :D I hope you had fun the other day! We missed you at church! By the way.. you can talk to me in the chat if you want to. I don’t mind.:) Have a good week! He said Thanks! I missed being @ church this morning. I won't be @ church next week either, so have a good couple of weeks. It looked like he was going to type something else. I still saw dots after he posted. He got off before I replied. I told him he doesn't have to be so nervous around me. That I wanted to let him know it's okay & he can talk to me. :) He didn't respond to that message.
Will that make him more nervous? Will it help him feel better knowing that I know & don't mind that he is nervous around me? I want to make him more comfortable. I don't really know how to do that.


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  • I would make me a little more nervous sometimes; because being with a beautiful girl who knows how to use her feminine personality the right way & speak her mind to me makes me lose my words on what I want to say to her. I've been in this type of situation back in my school years & it sucked that I had no idea to stand tall bravely to talk to the lovely ladies there. I had many ideas about talking to a few but threw in the towel just when in knew that my nervous instincts kicked in right after. I love beautiful/cute girls/women however talking to them has never been a task that I can complete because their personalities get me every time.

    • I'm shy myself. I don't know how to explain it but somehow I feel slightly braver around him. When I'm around him... I can definitely feel tension in the air. Because of how he is.. I don't know how to react when I'm right in front of him. I'm embarrassed because he isn't doing anything. One day @ choir.. a man said something about his wife & I laughed. The guy wasn't there that day. The older man said i dont know why your laughing you'll be married one day. The choir director/his roommate was staring at me. I said I dont know anyone I dont know a lot of people my age. I said & shyness doesn't help. The director smiled big & looked @ the floor he said aww & he laughed. It was like he was thinking aw no. Like he knew something. He teaches the college class too. He was talking on the Sunday before Valentine's about how we should be making time for god. That was the day he had walked in & sat beside me. During the lesson.. his roomate accidentally said you could like go somewhere & date god.

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    • I believe your friend's roommate knows that he likes you because everything your friend is doing right in front of you is giving his roommate some speculations on what he's doing around you. As for you friend with a very big crush on you; I will say that he's a little too nervous to share his feelings around you & him keep looking at the ground & at you feet proves a really big point. I guess he's never been in a relation with any beautiful girl like you before & he's trying his very best to be normal & impress you without screwing things up for himself.

    • There's a big chance that other people might know that this guy has a really big crush on you from behind the scenes; however they might be keeping it quiet. I guess the want you to figure out that guy's hints& body language on your own.

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