First kiss with a new girl.

Should you ask first? or Just go for it?

I need to find a non awkward way to initiate the first kiss with my crush. She's kinda expecting it (weird story) so I need it to come off as confident and not awkward in anyway. The problem is she might not actually be receptive to the kiss even though she's expecting it (another weird story). I figure if it just smooth and natural it will work out much better. Not sure how to get to that point though.

Last light we were cuddling on her couch and it would have been a perfect time but she was kinda laying in a weird position so I just let it go.


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  • the most important thing is to be confident. people only see the emotions you show, not what you're feeling, don't act nervous, don't fidget, make eye contact. sometimes it best just to ask her too...kind of. when you're close, ask her:::: eye contact "i was just ..." glance at lips, "wondering if..." glance at lips "i could..." and then slowly lean forward, so you're lips are ****almost**** touching, you go 90%, and then let her come the last 10% and afterwards, unless you start necking for an hour, you finish the question. if she says you didn't wait for her answer, tell her you were afraid she would say no. if you don't seem to be getting close naturally, like stuck sitting in a weird position, lean up and say 'i want to ask you something"...when glancing at the lips, don't make jerky eye movements, let them wander down...not to her cleavage, yet, you perv...and then back up. when you talk, make it a little breathy, but don't hiss at her, and make sure your breath is good.


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  • Don't ask for it,

    It ruins the moment! Its not only me who thinks it completely kills it, so just when you feel the time is right, go for it. Don't just go all the way though, go most of the way, and if she doesn't close that gap, she doesn't want it.

    Hope that helped! (:

    • That is really wonderful and insightful reply. Tell us what to do to kill the awkwrdness after the kiss haha.

    • Hmm, that's a bit tougher XD

      Its only awkward if you make it awkward(: I know after I kiss someone, I like it when they hold my hand, or stay near me. But it all depends on where you're at, and what your situation is on what to do after the kiss(:

  • Awww, the guy I was involved with (ended, as he left the country for a bit) didn't kiss me till the 5th date! After the 1st date I was like "ok, the 1st ever date where the guy didn't kiss me. Weird!

    2nd date, no kiss? I ugly?

    3rd date, kind of kiss, on the lip, a peck. Ok, are we friends? I am heck a confused!

    4th date, his place, still, no kiss.

    5th date, we sat on his bed listening to music. Hit or miss by newfound glory was playing in the background, and I caught him staring at me, and he was about to start a conversation about why he hadn't kissed me yet. And then he just did it. It was so unexpected. I thought I was in the friend zone.

    You have probably kissed her by now! Just, in the future, don't be shy about it. If she is cuddling you on the sofa, she wants you to kiss her!


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  • If the time feels right and everything is going well, go for it. Girls like confidence, girls like kissing. But don't go all the way, go so your faces are really close, then go for it. Good luck, plenty of guys have been in the same position as you guaranteed.

  • oh man you misssed a very good chance

    any ways... you may get a better one.. you never know

    the simple way is to keep an eye contact with for about 2-3 mins then come closer and it will happen automatically

    or may do it as a part of greeting after a soft hug

    kissing softly on her hand is the best start

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