What's the difference between being attracted to someone and romantically interested in someone?

I thought it goes hand in hand... but seems like it's separate? I was told by a guy that he was really attracted to me, I have all the qualities a guy wants personality and lookwise... but he doesn't feel romantic interest?

I went on three dates with him, he didn't want to continue because he didn't 'feel it', but he is very attracted to me and that I am perfect. I didn't see him two weeks after our third date and then we met up and ended up making out a lot on our 'unofficial fourth date'.

If he isn't romantically interested, then why does he want to keep talking to me and see me? What's the difference? Can being attracted to someone, eventually turn into romantic interest?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Attraction is purely physical. "Romantic interest" or love, is when your compatibility/chemistry goes beyond just physical attraction. "Can being attracted to someone, eventually turn into romantic interest?" Yes it can, a deeper interest is developed over time/needs time to develop.


What Girls Said 1

  • being attracted to someone has more to do with physical atteaction/sexually attracted to that person whereas if a person is romantically interested that person will do anything for their so and care/love them


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