I love you first?

Who normally says I love you first in a relationship, the girl or the guy? Also; how long in the relationship should you wait before the first person says it? I know everyone's different and it all depends on how you feel but,
I don't want to say it and he not feel the same or he think it's too early or I don't know if he's waiting for me to say it first so please help.


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  • I never said it first, I think. I always waited for the girl to do it.

    My rationale is that I was usually the one kind of pursuing her and courting her. It should be obvious I'm interested in her, so my desire was making sure she felt the same way.

    As a result I usually tried to avoid coming on to her too strongly, at least as far as confessing feelings goes, until it was absolutely certain she felt the same way about me.

    That said, it's just a few words. People attach so much meaning to its verbalization. I think some people obsess on the words too much. I think ti's better to err on the side of later than sooner, and focus on less superficial ways to grow and strengthen your bond and have a great time together in the meantime instead of putting so much weight on three words being uttered.


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  • My boyfriend waited 3 months to say I love you. I waited an entire year (although it slipped out a few times before then)


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  • I said it first when I really ment it, it took 6 months for me to say so, but all of that doesn't matter who says it first all that doesn't matter what matter is if you really mean it.

  • I never say it first..
    Even if the guy says it first but I'm not quite feeling that way yet, I won't say it back


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