Should we date?

There's this girl I want to date and personality wise she has all the traits I want in a girl. Its damn near scary. She also just so happens to be ULTRA beautiful too. The problem is that she makes life choices that I consider either hard to deal with or I can't deal with at all. One MAJOR example is she had this friend that stole a very large sum of money from me. We have no proof that it was her, but u have to be dumb not to think it was. All the evidence points to her friend. I know she had no part in it because she gave me all the money back out of the kindness of her heart, but she STILL decides to keep being friends with the girl who stole from me. That in it of itself pisses me off. She also talks to a lot of her exs still. That bothers me a little but at the end of the day, its all trust or none is what I always say, but that's something I felt I should mention. Every other thing that bothers me is more personal for her. It doesn't necessarily affect me, but it bothers me. Like she wants a full body tats n piercings everywhere. Im just not the type of guy to go for that, but at the same time, her personality is a blessing. Im not the type of guy to go in and try to change someone. If I go in and date you, I date you for you. So me dating her, I'd pretty much have to deal with all of that and other stuff I didn't feel like explaining. Should I date her? Should I not? What to do. I'm all over the place when it comes to her. She already knows I like her n im pretty sure she likes me back.


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  • Part of accepting a person is accepting all of their flaws as well. How much do those 'bad life decisions' bother you? I think you need to think about are you actually okay with those are do you merely tolerate them and one day it will be too much and you'll get angry with her for making those bad life decisions? If you can fully be okay with those decisions, then date her, if you are only tolerating them, then one day you'll be fed up with her poor decisions and things will fall apart. There's more to a "perfect" relationship than checking off all of the checkboxes.

    • FACTS! I'm not sure what I'm doing to be honest. But I'll definitely take this into consideration!

    • That's okay, a lot of life is stumbling through it and hoping we make the best decision with what information we have available to us.

  • ask her out


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  • Same advice I gave the last time you posted this question.


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