What to get a guy you've been seeing for their birthday?

Recently I've been seeing a guy (been on 2-3 dates) and it's his birthday next week. We aren't exclusive or official, but on the way to being so. What do I get him?


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  • If you want to play it safe, just get a bottle of wine or what ever drink he likes - this shows you care and have acknowledge his birthday. Simple for both parties involved.

    Though if you really like him and want things to progress further in the relationship and become serious, I get him something personal. I. e. has he mentioned any favourites hobbies or sports or books or films that you could get him something along those lines.

    • Neither of us drink (under age) and he's a gamer and loves sports (mainly baseball)

    • Oh right sorry - forget US drinking age is 21. Yeah get him something baseball related
      Or if you want maybe cook him a nice meal on his birthday.

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  • anything he likes. you should have some idea of what his hobbies are after 2-3 dates.


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