How to ask a girl out?

So I want to know what do I say exactly to ask her out. I dont want to be rejected. Also, where do I do it and how.


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  • Just go for something casual, like ask her to go for a drink. If that goes well then plan something else.


What Guys Said 2

  • You gotta understand the hints she is giving you.
    You didn't give many details, therefore i can't help you specifically; but, in general, you gotta show her how fun you are first, make her feel cool around you, which can only be achieved with you being cool around her as well.
    Before dating keep the conversations light and fun, and put the 'wanna go grab a coffee tomorrow' after saying something funny or seeing she is in a good humor or something.

    Good luck bro.

    • We've never talked before. I dont have a sense of humor.

    • Oh, well, so you gotta stick to impressing her.
      Show her how intelligent you are, how well you play a sport or something like that, there is always something.
      It doesn't matter if you're not actually interesting, the kind is learning how to act as you were ;)

    • the key*

  • Getting rejected is better than not trying, just go for it.

    • getting rejected is not better at all. what are you even saying?

    • you always have more opportunities

    • well at least that's the point of view from the guy with antisocial personality disorder so I guess I'm not an expert in dating advice.

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