GUYS: What's the first thing you notice? Do you have a check list?

I've always wondered what guys are thinking on the first date. Even if it be going out on an actual date or just hanging out for the first time.

Are you nervous?


Do you have a checklist?

(meaning that girls have to meet those requirements)

What's the first thing that you notice about her?




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  • looks is what got us to ask you that's not what we are looking for unless you really go out on a limb (hair, makeup, outfit), which will make guys double up on looks, again.

    as far as the first date, it's all about first impressions. the big things guys look for is probably the same as what women look for as well, for the most part...

    1. can we both carry a conversation well?

    2. what are our similarities?

    3. what are our differences, and can they be compromised on?

    4. what are our likes/dislikes (if there's a conflict, can that be resolved)?

    5. any bad habits?

    6. any good qualities that might win points either for you or from your parents?

    7. any serious problems with the person that could destroy the relationship possibility?

    8. smart? funny? fun? open? healthy? goal-oriented? optimistic?

    9. emotionally and mentally stable?

    10. compatibility to your friends/family?


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  • I don't really have a "checklist" per se, The first thing I notice about her physically is her eyes - they can reveal so much about a person. Mentally, I take note of how her mood in a conversation is - how she describes and refer to things is also something that can tell much about someone's character. As far as my mood goes, on a first date I'm pretty relaxed because I've been on a fair amount of them (too many in my opinion, but that's another story, lol).

  • boobs, bum, tummy, face. simples

  • Face, body, short term, then personality...


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