I screw up every relationship with guys I actually liked, what should I do?

So I met this guy on tinder, and he was everything I liked but fretted when I mentioned about commitment (It was a casual convo and I probably mentioned it too early). We had an argument but decided to reconcile but he decided to leave early on the "new first date" to watch TV which annoyed me and he said it wouldn't work between the 2 of us.
We continued to talk as friends but I still liked him and became irritated easily. I mistook his intentions to hook up with me (It was against my values so I was quite pissed off) and I told him how annoyed I was directly. I told him I still liked him afterwards. He said I was attractive but undateable. I still sort of like him and it hurts me a lot that he said that.
While I know I've been easily irritable and (may or may not have) mistook his intentions, I think I'm fairly nice, calm, collected and cultured otherwise, have a lot of hobbies and friends, I do get jealous although it is just normal jealousy and do not tend to get out of hand. I just want to know how I could be a better person next time I meet some good guys.


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  • he is jus a duche, im sure u r a good person and r very datable


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  • It sounds like you want a real relationship ('hooking up against your values'), majority of people on tinder are looking for hookups, and sometimes those hookups turn into relationships but that's rare, and a minority of tinder users are actually looking for a relationship so the odds are not in your favor. If you're going to online date, try okcupid (or coffee meets bagel).

    You didn't mistake his intention, you found him on tinder, he wanted to hook up and when that wasn't going to happen, he didn't want to waste his time anymore and left, it also wasn't going to work between you guys because he wanted sex and it was against your values. Hon, do yourself a favor, stop trying to find real love on tinder.


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