Thinking vs taking action?

I like to fuck but I want a relationship but girls wanna play now a days wtf am I supposed to do?


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  • Find a girlfriend? Honestly, I'm reading your question as 'I want a relationship' because 'I like to fuck' is irrelevant, girls have a sex drive too, and 'girls wanna play' I take to mean they don't want anything serious which isn't true, there is a certain percentage of both males and females who don't want a relationship. There are still a significant number of girls who want a relationship and are getting strung along by guys who don't want one (just look on G@G if you want evidence of that). How are you finding girls, perhaps you are going to places where girls who don't want a relationship go, for example, a friend of a friend has been trying to find a relationship for a long time but she's using TINDER to try to find a real relationship. When I heard this my first reaction was, this is why none of the guys you talk to want to date you, they're just looking for a hookup because it's TINDER.


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