Any guys want to shed me some light? There's a guy who is sending me mega mixed signals?

I met a guy in my college class. We are seniors, we'll be graduating in a couple months. He is from the area, as am I, so I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad to get to know him even if we're graduating (if he goes back home for the summer, etc). The first day of class we flirted back and forth, he was super friendly. I looked at his Facebook and noticed growing up he has been pretty nerdy, and he probably still is, I don't know what kind of girl action he gets, but he's definitely a softer science major nerdy like guy. But he's also really cute so I figured he must have some action with females. I'm edgier, not nerdy, and I get a lot of attention from guys maybe because I'm cute I don't know. But I like him, I made a move online, I messaged he I thought he was cute. It was 2 weekends ago and he never replied but definitely got it. Since then, he has been much more slow to approach me in class, or we haven't been lightly flirting like the first day. I can't read him at all because I'll catch him looking at me in class, he changes seats whenever I move to sit closer to me, but I've been trying to act more cool to him because he ignored my message and never took any move when I sent that. I feel like the ball is in his court, and his lack of response = "I don't want to take this further with you." So I backed off and ignored him in class. Recently i updated how I look, he was looking at me way more. I know he is attracted me to but he isn't making a move, and I don't know what to do? He should make a move shouldn't he? I noticed he makes comments in class to try to appeal to me too, I won't discuss them but I just know he is at least intrigued by me. We only have 2 months left and I just want something to happen. :/


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  • He is probably quite shy and doesn't know what to do, or he is not attracted to you, though not as likely.

    Instead of trying to flirt with him, try to get to know him by talking to him. Show him you're not just a flirt who is going to break his heart.

    He's probably not going to make an obvious move of any kind, so you will have to.


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  • I don't think he is actually interested in you. If he was he would have flirted with you more and he would have messaged you back.


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  • The best way to know more about his personality is observing how he is with other people, which would be key to understanding his signals.
    1 - If he is an introvert, quiet kinda shy guy he is probably completely scared of taking a step further with you, which might mean you would need to give the step yourself. Go talk to him in person, show him how you can make him feel comfortable around you, smile and just be cool about it.
    2 - if he is an outgoing extrovert and haven't took any step further with you even after all this time, chances are he is not that into you.

    Well, overall speaking, i would say you take action, time is running out and you're gonna regret if you don't.
    And, if it doesn't work out as planned, just chill, there will be plenty more cool guys in your life, he's just another one.
    Good luck girl.

  • He's not brave enough.


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