Was it something I did, or was she never interested in me in the first place?

I like this girl in my college class and I was the first one to initiated all contacts. I asked her out to hang, but she rescheduled on me, which we never hung out, so I'm like whatever. Whenever I talk to her, she looks right into my eyes and would have a big smile on her face, I'm always the first one to said hi and bye too her, etc. It didn't seem like she was that too interested in me, so I went on with life. One day the class had to go to an art museum and she texted me if I wanted to carpool with her, but another girl from our class asked me a week ago if she can carpool with me. I didn't want to break that promise to the other girl, so I rejected the offer from my crush. Ever since that day, whenever I talk to her she never smiles at me anymore and always have this expression that she doesn't want to talk to me. So I kinda left it be and moved on to other women. Maybe she never was interested in me?


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  • You hurt her feelings


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  • I think you each showed too little interest in the beginning which left more questions than answers. After the reschedule didn't work out, one of you should have made another attempt at it, but neither of you did, which left an uninterested impression on each other. I think her asking to share a ride was one last ditch effort on her part to test the waters. But it was too little too late. Sometimes they never leave the ground, you know?


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