Should I accept or not?

Hi guys. I've been with a guy for 1 month now. And we dated 3 times.. and we had sex. Which he liked a lot. He was sooooo into me... he mentioned it.. he even said we r in relation but in the beginning when we talked about us... he changed a little.. after couple of days of no hearing from him.. he sent me a sorry text and that he had issues.. and he will explain later..
Anyway.. i spoke with our friend.. and he spoke with him.. but was before he sent me.. and after they talked.. our friend told me not to worry he has work issues and bcs he is flying to italy home. he is on preparation. i was ok
After 2 days i tried t reach him before he leave.. nothing... so i decided to stop
The next day when was in italy he text me another sory text and that he had things before he leave.. i told him ok i understand that things may happen but it isn't a reason to disappear.. then nothing
Amd today he made like to my picture
I like him way too much at same time i dunt show that.. but i care.. im confussed.. should i support him fr his issues. and give a chance till he is back? Or just avoid contact him?(he has trust issues) and he told me tht bfr
Just pointing it. he is coming bck on 12th..
Any suggestions? Im confused... :(


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What Guys Said 2

  • It's over

  • I would give him time he needs. But don't just stop talking to him.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think he is actually serious about you.


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