How to building rapport with someone who lives away without texting bombing them?

Hello and thanks for your time.

I just recently started talking to a old crush/friend of mine online and my feelings for her have returned, we haven't spoken in about a year. she's lives about an hour car journey away from me (Not a problem for me personally). Besides I need to build that rapport back first before we even think about a meeting. Its still very early days because we only been speaking for 2 or 3 days now.

However yesterday I messaged her on Facebook once in the morning and another time in the evening. Both I didn't recieve a reply to. The first one it told me she saw it on Facebook, however I know about the time she saw it she would have been at work. Second time I messaged on Facebook was when I know she would be back from work and she was active on Facebook, however it never came up with the "read" flag.

At that point, after learning from my previous mistakes, I stopped texting and I have not attempted to contact her today. Nor will I until tomorrow now. Thing is for the first 2 days, we was speaking and texting pretty great, but I'm not willing to let one day get me down or emotional about it.

What I'm asking is, would you go about a certain method of texting a distant crush?
For example, texting one day and not texting the next. Or when they don't reply then leave them a couple of days and try again.

Wanted to know peoples thoughts.

Thanks again for your time.


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