Would guy say hi to a girl acquaintance just to grab her friends attention ( he likes her) who she is with?

But not make any conversarion with the girl he likes but only with the other girl?
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  • Did it until you realise that doing it, the girl think​s you are not into it, and move on...
    Teenage 😌

    • did you do that because you thought she is out of your "league"

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    • why would I ask a guy out that just blatantly ignored me...

    • Because if you ask about him, you probably like him...

  • yup we guys are pretty weird we just need a little motivation.

  • Are you asking because girls do that so often? :)

    • yes :D haha and also my crush did that similar thing...

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    • we did make some eye contact lol... but he had a serious face... I dont know if he liked what he saw haha

    • I wouldn't worry about him having a serious face. Smiling is actually a submissive gesture, and guys view it differently than girls. Some guys smile all the time and are natural smilers. Others (like me) aren't. The look I have in my profile pic is what a girl sees when I'm checking her out. Of course, if we start joking around and such, I'll start smiling, laughing, and building rapport with her, but not just to be smiling and inviting.

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