How long should I wait for him to text before I move on?

We've been dating since 3 m. I had the exclusivity talk 2 w ago, he wanted to think thoroughly before jumping since he wanna move back to his hometown (3 h distance) due to family stuff, this may happen within the next 3-6 months. So i decided to give him time, told him he shouldn't call me if his answer is no, and i won't be calling him if not hear back from him in a week, so we can move on since I look for a serious relationship. He called me after 3 d to take me out, but we didn't make the conversation. Within the last two weeks we met 5 times 3 initiated by him.3 didn't end with sex, cuddling talking listening to music talking about future but not necessarily "us". On Saturday he moved to a new place since he sold his house as a step to move back to hometown. offered him help but he said he didntneed, his best friend will help. later i asked how things went and if he settled. He immediately replied and said he is almost done. Then i asked him if he wants to see the movie next week with me in wed night. He said he will be closing in the house after work and doesn't know how long it takes. I said okay good luck lmk if you can make it. He hasn't texted neither last night nor today.

I dont wanna ask him how closing in went. And if he is done. I had been the one making the first move, and initiated 65% of the dates. we always texted less every 3 d for plans. I am the one who always shares her meal, bed, i cook for him, listen to him when he needs. i dont even make him pay for me, we always split bill, cuz i like him, i dont want him to think i am a gold digger foreigner looking for Greencard. kind of tired of him not initiating enough. Feel like im a convenience. since the exclusivity talk, since he didn't give a certain answer, i decided to activate my okc, and match profile. saw him getting online for about 3-10 minutes every three-four days. So looks like he doesn't want anyThing from me. wonder if i should move on since we haven't talked since 4 d.


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  • Usually, if I start noticing that a person is not talking to me as often as they used to, I initiate contact three times as per usual but then wait for them to initiate after that. If they don't, I start assuming that they are no longer interested.

    • I think that's what I am supposed to assume.

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  • move on.

    • Why you say so? What things you wanna warn me so i dont do the same mistake of putting my eggs in wrong guy?

    • He's ignoring you and not committing to anything... he's wasting your time.

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  • Don't bother waiting

    • Thanks. It is heartbreaking thou. 😟

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