Am I controling my ex said I was?

she spent the entire day with her ex who was abusive and I got mad and I got mad when she met a 50 man who has a thing for her plus he forced a kiss on her in the past before I was with her and I didn't like that she did that should I just be able to trust her or is she in the wrong?


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  • You're not controlling at all. Honestly, if she really wants to go to those guys, then let her. Don't waste your time on her if she is willing to do those things or put herself in those situations. The only time that may be okay is if 1) you said it's okay and 2) she told you every little detail WHILE it was happening. You are not being controlling at all. She is not being faithful by the looks of it. I'm not judging her, i'm just pointing out what i see...

  • if everything here is true, she's human filth and you'd be much better off breaking up with her.

    at least that's what i'd do if it were me in your position. i can't be with someone i don't trust.


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