Dumped by text after 9 months, then blocked, what to do?

Trying to keep this short. Been in a relationship with this woman for 9 months, semi LDR, 2 hrs but we see each other 1-2x a week and talk or text daily. I'm 35, she's 26. We got into an argument Thurs night, over something blown way out of proportion. (I talked to my ex wife on the phone and didn't tell the girlfriend. But ex & I have a kid, so this isn't even unusual) She's got anxiety issues and has always been a bit nervous & jealous. Apparently it bothered her more than I thought bc Saturday I get a breakup via text and can't even respond bc my number is blocked.

Is it just me or does someone after 9 months deserve a face to face or at least a phone call? I get the impression there may be something more than what I was told. I'm going nuts with no closure on this. With no way to reach her, my only option at this point is to either give up or drive up to ask her in person?

Girls opinions on what's going on in her head and what I should do would be appreciated.


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