This bothers me a bit?

So long story short I'm seeing this girl, I mean she's nice and all the the above but she's had a few past boyfriends, she told me she's done Bjs and everything and I mean she's nice to kiss but when I get the thought of someone else's dick in her mouth it puts me off, I mean would she be clean to kiss and that? anyway how do i over come this


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  • If you feel comfortable answering, how much sexual experience have you had?

    She is clean to kiss, she's brushed her teeth after. There is a chance that she might have caught an STD from giving a BJ if she didn't use a dental dam or something. Hopefully she's checked if she's clean or not after her boyfriends. Perhaps replace the image of someone else's dick in her mouth with the image of your dick in her mouth? I do wonder if it puts you off because of her giving bjs, or if it's just her giving bjs to other guys in the past.


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