Ladies, Did I Hurt Her?

This girl I like and, I had a pretty big fight on the phone. I told her I cared about her. She basically told me she wasn't interested in me and never call her again. We've known each other for a year and see each other once a week.

I decided to give her a lot of space. So there would be no fighting or drama for the rest of the year and things could cool down. Then hopefully start fresh in the new year.

I didn’t talk to her for over 3 weeks. In that time, she seemed to get me to talk to her. Subtle things like being close to me or trying to make segues for me to respond to something.

After 2 months of not seeing each other after the initial 3 weeks, i tried talking to her and she is now ICE cold to me. Won t even look at me, looks away when i look at her, rejects any offer to help her, won t walk in front of me, won t speak to me.

What is wrong with her or going through her head? She was awful to me over the phone. I gave her a lot of space, and now she is even worse. She wasn't this bad at all after we fought.



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  • How close are you guys? Did you meet as friends and then "developed a relationship?

    We need more meat.

    • We only see each other once a week for a study group. Met via that and kind of went from there. Never "went out" so to say, but have spent a lot of time with each other the past year and a half and had a lot of different experiences together. She's always known I had feelings for her.

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